Friday, November 16, 2007

5 1/2 "

See that number???
Thats the number of inches that cam off my waist and my gut...
so a total of 11 inches!
Plus 2 off my hips, 2 off my thighs, 3/4 off my calf and upper arm.
For a grand total of: 15 3/4 inches off my body since I started weight watchers & south beach!
How awesome!!!!

How is everyone doing with their diets?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hi There!

I have done so good on my diet! I am super proud of myself!
I have not gained an ounce and actually when I got on the scale this morning I have lost .5
Not to shabby!
I have still been super cautious on my carbs, so I only eat them during the first half of the day...
Fruit on the other hand has been a HUGE HIT!

I have fallen in love with fruit!
I have an apple a day, some grapes, blueberries, strawberries... anything fruity!

I see my nutritionist again on Tuesday so I will keep yah posted!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

South Beach Phase 2 food list...

Foods you can reintroduce
to your diet

All hot dogs (beef, pork, poultry, soy) can be enjoyed occasionally (once a week) if they are at least 97% fat free (3-6 g of fat per serving)

FRUIT (Start with one daily serving, gradually increase to 3 total servings daily)
Apples - 1 small or 5 dried rings
Apricots - 4 fresh or 7 dried
Banana—1 medium (4 oz.)
Berries, all - 3/4 cup
Cactus Pear Fruit (Prickly Pear)—1
Cantaloupe - 1/4, or 1 cup diced
Cherries - 12
Grapefruit - 1/2
Grapes - 15
Kiwifruit - 1
Mangoes - 1/2 medium (4 oz.)
Oranges - 1 medium
Papaya - 1 small (4 oz.)
Peaches - 1 medium
Pears - 1 medium
Plums - 2
Prunes - 4
Tangerines - 2

(2-3 cups allowed daily, including yogurt)
4 oz. per day (artificially sweetened low-fat or nonfat flavored yogurt; avoid varieties that contain high-fructose corn syrup)

Start with one serving daily, gradually increasing to up to three or four servings daily. Unless otherwise stated, choose wholegrain products that have 3 g or more of fiber per serving.
Bagels, small, whole grain - 1/2 (1 oz.)
Barley - 1/2 cup cooked
Bread - 1 slice (1 oz.)
homemade breads made
with whole grains
(buckwheat, whole wheat,
spelt, whole oats, bran, rye)
oat and bran
sprouted grain
whole wheat
Buckwheat - 1/2 cup cooked
Calabaza - 3/4 cup
(considered a starchy vegetable; count as a starch/grain serving)
Cassava - 1/4 cup
(considered a starchy vegetable; count as a starch/grain serving)
Hot - (choose whole-grain and slow-cooking varieties, not instant)
Cereal Cold - (choose low-sugar with 5 g or more of fiber per serving)
Couscous, whole-wheat or Israeli - 1/2 cup cooked
Crackers, whole grain with 3 grams of fiber or more per ounce and no trans fats
English muffins, whole grain - 1/2, or 1 oz.
(most contain 2.5 grams of fiber per half a muffin—varieties varieties with 3 grams of fiber are the best choice.)
Farro - 1/2 cup cooked
Green Peas - 1/2 cup
(considered a starchy vegetable; count as a starch/grain serving)
Muffins, bran - 1 small, homemade
sugar-free (no raisins)
Whole wheat - 1/2 cup cooked (3 grams of fiber or more per 1/2 cup)
Soy - 1/2 cup cooked (3 grams of fiber or more per 1/2 cup)
Pita - 1/2, or 1 oz.
whole wheat
(most contain 2.5 grams of fiber—varieties with 3 grams of fiber are the best choice.)
Popcorn, 3 cups popped
Air popped
Microwave, plain, no trans fats
Cooked stove-top with canola oil
Potato, sweet, 1 small
(considered a starchy vegetable; count as a starch/grain serving)
Pumpkin - 3/4 cup
(considered a starchy vegetable; count as a starch/grain serving)
Quinoa, 1/2 cup cooked
Rice - 1/2 cup cooked
brown, regular, converted, or parboiled
Rice noodles - 1/2 cup cooked
Soba noodles - 3/4 cup cooked
Taro - 1/3 cup
(considered a starchy vegetable; count as a starch/grain serving)
Tortillas, 100% whole grain, 3 grams of fiber or more per ounce, no trans fats - 1 small
Winter squash - 3/4 cup
(considered a starchy vegetable; count as a starch/grain serving)
Yams, 1 small
(considered a starchy vegetable; count as a starch/grain serving)

Carrots —1/2 cup
Peas, green —1/2 cup

Chocolate (limited)
bittersweet dark
semisweet dark

Pudding, fat-free and sugar-free (1 serving per day)

Wine (1 - 2 glasses daily with or after meals)

Foods to avoid or eat rarely

Bagel, refined wheat
refined wheat
Matzo (exception: whole wheat varieties, which are allowed)
Pasta, white flour
baked, white
Rice cakes
Rolls, dinner

Potatoes, white

Canned fruit, in heavy syrup
Fruit juice

Ice cream

All Done!

Wow! I lost exactly 10 lbs on phase 1 of the South Beach Diet!

Thats awesome!

Today I start a modified Phase 2... more from what my nutritionist told me to eat,but very VERY similar to Phase 2...
This morning I ate Oat Bran with a bit of Splenda, a Tbsp of Milled Flaxseed and some strawberries!
It was like HEAVEN getting to eat fruit again!

I am a bit nervous about weight gain, but I am sure it will stabilize like it should!

I'll keep yah posted!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Its great to have a support group!

These women are the reason I get up and work out every day!
This is only about 1/3 of the strollerfit women in the group!
I love everyone of these girls and their kiddos.. We all help each other workout, diet and just with life!
I have never been a part of a group this wonderful!
If you struggle with working out, I would suggest joining a group like Strollerfit!
It changed my life!

There are a few more pics of the group on my blog...
My Splatter Painted Life

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Almost done with Phase 1!

Today was a great day!
I hit 10.5 lbs lost... YAY!
and fit really well in my "never thought I could wear" jeans!
I have to buy all new workout clothes because even my sports bras are to big now!
I am so excited!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend update

I went to a Halloween party and did not drink...
Holy cow I am dedicated!
After accomplishing last night I realized that anything is possible!
I was more proud of myself for not giving into temptation last night then I have been during this whole process!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Checkin' In!

Today is day 8 of my South Beach Phase 1
Even though I hate not being able to eat what I would like ALL THE TIME, I have come to a point in this diet that I really have to force myself to eat. I do not crave anything but Diet Dr. Pepper and I can have 2 a day :-)
I have become one with celery and anything that you can put on it from hummus, tuna, peanut butter, ect...
I have never been a huge meat eater but last night we have Salmon with a lemon and Dill rub on it and it was pretty tasty!
Gotta give it to my hubby he is an amazing griller!
I do catch myself having a drop in blood sugar about 3-4 in the afternoon and that is when I have a 1/2 spoon full of PB and it helps a TON!
I signed up on the South Beach website and it has a ton of recipes and tips that help my indecisive mind pick something to eat!
I would suggest it to anyone doing this diet... (Steph, heheheee)

I have to give a HUGE shout of the my blogging bud Stephanie.. She has started South Beach and has had great results also! YAY STEPH!
Go check her out... A Little Bit of Sugar & a Whole Lotta Spice!

I am down 9.5lbs in 8 days... thats amazing!
I also can see a huge difference in my tummy area!
I am so proud of myself!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sb... 1 week down 1 week to go on Phase 1

Since my nutritionist wanted me to stay on the South Beach phase 1 .. I have and done pretty well at it!
I have a new favorite food that I could eat at every meal and I wanted to share it!

~Take a can (or 2) or Tuna or Chicken in a can. I have done both!
~Mix it with light or fat free mayo or miracle whip to your liking...(I use about 1Tbsp for 1 can)
~Mix in about a teaspoon or 2 of feta cheese... regular or flavored!
~Add spices to taste... My buddy Greg made me some homemade spices he calls Vampire Killer... I put that in there, it has like 3 different peppers, garlic, and thats about it! It is a little spicy but I like it!
~Then cut up some celery sticks into dipping size and dig in!
It is wonderful!
I was actually eating some as I typed this post :0)

A hint about celery that I learned from my BF... Keep in in water and it will double its lifetime!
Maybe it was a known fact, but I had no clue LOL!

BTW, I am down 8lbs! YAY!

Monday, October 22, 2007

My new info

I went to the nutritionist the morning and learned a ton of awesome things....
First of all I have never been to anyone that has the knowledge of the correct ways to eat, so this man was incredibly interesting to me!
We went over my health and blood issues and then he pulled out a list of papers and explained a ton of things to me... He taught me the "right" way to read labels for the amount of fat... taught me all about dietary fibers, the unhealthy, neutral and healthy proteins, and all about GOOD fats!

I am going to share a bit of what I learned with you guys!

How to read a label... to find out if there is too much fat in the item you are eating.

It is called the Fat Test and this is what you do:

Total Fat... on the label it is the first thing under the calories.
this label has 2g of Fat /serving

Multiply that number by 30
this answer =60

The answer you get (60) should be equal to or less than the calories...
This item has 110 calories so we can for sure eat this product! because 60 is less than 110... make sense? If oyu want to know more about this... email me!

Dietary Fibers:

Soluble Fibers are the best ones for me and my issues! They help normalize your blood and lwer cholesterol.

They include : apples, apricots, black & blu berries, kiwi, nectarines, oranges, pears, raspberries, strawberries, oat bran, oatmeal, all bran, dried apricots, prunes, figs, beans or peas, brown rice, winter squash and yams. then these are 4 veggies that have low calories and some fiber: brocoli, carrots, spinach and brussel sprouts.

Here is a link to read about Fibers... Fiber 101 Soluble & Insoluble


He taught me that meat should not be considered "good" and "bad" that it really needs to be placed in 3 categories... dangerous, neutral and healthy.

~Dangerous proteins include: Filet's, high fat cut meats, and all fried items
~Neutral proteins include: chicken, turkey, pork, lean ground beef, (all without skin)
~Healthy proteins include: fish, shell fish, all nutt butters, and soy products.

He focused a ton on fish products...
Fish is high in omega 3 fatty acids and are awesome for a well balanced diet!

There is though a risk of getting to much mercury when eating a lot of fish so he did give me a list :
Let me share it with you!

Best choices for fish:
anchovies, mackerels (excet King), oysters (fully cooked), Salmon (farmed or wild), sardines, striped bass (farmed), sturgeon (farmed), shrimp, trout (rainbow, farmed) tuna (canned, light, yellow) and caviar.

Fish to eat 1 time a week:
herring, mahi-mahi, tuna(canned, white), crab, lobster(rock, spiny), cod (Atlantic)

Fish to eat 1 time a month:
Halibut (pacific, atlantic), pollack, bluefish, sea bass (wild), tuna (steaks), lobster (maine, northern, american), grouper, marlin, orange roughy, snapper(red)

Fish to be avoided:
Mackerel (king), sharks, swordfish, titlefish, bluefin tuna

And this is a list of alternative Omega 3 Fatty acid foods:
Egglands Best & Pilgram Pride eggs ( you can eat the yolk)
Milled Flax Seeds

Good Fats:

The good fats provide valuable vitamins and minerals!
here is a list:
almonds( 6), avocado (2 Tbsp), cashews (6 nuts) , flaxseed ( 2Tbsp milled), olives (8-10), peanuts (10 nuts), pumpkin seeds (1Tbsp), sesame seeds(1Tbsp), sunflower seeds (1Tbsp) and walnuts (4 halves)

~Healhty Oils: Canola, Olive, Peanut, Anova

~Condiments: Smart Balance (do the fat test!)

~Oils to AVOID!
Anything starting with Palm..., coconut, cotton seed, and of course hydrogenated

~Neutral Oils: Soy, rapeseed, sunflower seed ect...

So My homework was to go through this list and clean out my cabinets of food that does not fit the fat test or apply to the other lists! Then shop to fill the cabinets back up with the good stuff!
I will see him again in 2 weeks to work on the amount of food intake!

I am so optimistic right now and excited to fix my blood :)

I hope this info helped some of you guys! Thanks for the support and love!
Please email if you want to know more or have any questions!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sb... days 2 & 3

Well this diet is going way better then I thought it would!
I have lost a total of 5.5 lbs in 2 1/2 days!!! YAH!
I have found some super yummy things to eat....
My new fav is a Greek Salad!
Romaine lettuce, feta cheese (fat free), cherry tomatoes, red onions, grilled chicken, olives if you like them.. I don't really.
It is totally Sb friendly and so yummy!

I am still battling the carb withdraw, but everyday is better then the one before!
I am seeing a dietitian on Monday at 9am...
I will be posting the info I get from them! I am so excited!

Let me know about ya'lls diets! Any motivating stories!
Thanks for your support!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

SB weight loss report



Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 1 of SB

IKKY, I hate this diet!
Well, I don't HATE it but I am hating the carb withdrawals I am going through!

Today was rough.... Rougher then I thought it would be!

I was not prepared for breakfast... I had no clue what to eat!
So I stuck with yogurt.... not the best compared to what I ate yesterday morning...
Yummy Waffles with Travie!

Lunch was easier, My sweet Momma had made me some SB friendly Veggie soup.
And some kick-ass homemade green beans!
The best ever!

Then this afternoon one of my most favorite friends brought me some Homemade Tomato soup and celery!
I tell yah what this girl... she is amazing!
She is taking on the SB challenge with me, helping me with food, brought me YUMMY soup and is just amazing!

Man, do I have some GREAT buddies!

Phase 1

This is my diet for the next 2 weeks....

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bad Blood...

Today I got some ikky information about myself that I did not want to hear...
For the last few years I have been struggling with issues with my cholesterol. I know it is hereditary and that I got my dads bad blood, but I have always felt to young to be dealing with these issues. I was diagnosed with hight triglycerides when I was 24 and controlled them threw my diet and activity levels. Triglycerides are a type of fat found in your blood. They are a major source of energy and the most common type of fat in your body. Right before I found out I was pregnant I got my blood tested again and they were elevated but before I got the info on medication I could take I found out I was pregnant so I could only control them with diet and exercise. Of course when you are pregnant and in your first trimester you do not feel like working out or eating anything at all. Or at least those were my issues!!! After I had Travis and got my blood tested they were still elevated and the doctor wanted me to try and control them myself before getting on a life long medication. Fun stuff, huh?! When we both decided that this was more hereditary then a life style change I got put on the medication. The medication I take now is called Lovaza, it is 4 horse pills that you have to take daily... full of omega -3 acids and whatever else to lower your bad cholesterol and raise the good. It has been about 5-6 months since I have been on this medicine and I have gotten blood work done 2 times since then. The first time showed great results with my numbers almost back to the perfect range and this second time they have gone up a little but not much. This was concerning to my doctor and that is why I got the call today. After all of my gallbladder junk and getting on weight watchers, I have been controlling my fat intake and have lost weight (YAY!) but ww is a very lenient diet. You can pretty much eat whatever you want within the numbers you are given. I guess that is to lenient for me because it was not helping my blood, just my weight. The nurse pretty much read me my rights today... She reminded me that heart disease is a major risk in living life with high triglycerides. She told me that it does not matter if you are 25 or 85 your risk does not increase or decrease. I was like a deer in head lights... I know I have read all of this but I guess deep down I thought I was safe because I was young. I should have been hit in the head with this years ago considering my grandfather on my dads side died of a heart attack and had bad heart disease and that my father has had heart issues as well. Now I feel like I have dug a hole that I am going to have to struggle to get out of! I mean I do work out 5-7 times a week, i thought I was doing great on my diet but now I am re-considering everything I had thought I was doing right. The doc wants me to go on a solid South Beach diet. Have you tried the South Beach diet? I have and it is torturous! The phases do get easier but the first phase is a beating! Click this link to read about it... South Beach Diet Info.. The problem with this diet is that there is a ton of planning involved! I unfortunately and not a planner, not with food at least. Never have been and don't know if I can be. Can you teach a old dog new tricks? HA! My hubby found out that our insurance will cover a dietitian/nutritionist and so that is my next step. I just need a kick in the right direction! I wonder if they would cover a personal chef also? Do you find it unfair that the super wealthy can hire someone to feed them the correct things and they do not have to even think about it. I hate those people! I am now feeling pretty angry at myself. I mean I have a child that needs me for the rest of his life and I am at a high risk for heart disease... What the hell am I thinking? I should have nipped this a long time ago. Now it seems so hard to do. Being a mom it has become harder to think about myself, i focus mainly on the health and well-being of my son and have let myself get lost in the mix. Please pray for me... I need all the help I can get!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Eating Right 4 Your Blood Type...

My brother (the ANTI- dieting guy) got this book...
Eating Right 4 Your Type
He said that he has followed his recommended diet and has lost weight fast and safe and does not feel a bit hungry or weak! I had gotten this book in college and read it and thought I could NOT follow the diet because I have O blood and it says I need to eat a lot of meat.. I HATE meat!
I am not a vegetarian, but meat is not a favorite of mine or even close... YUK!
(after reading it all I need to have type A blood! anyone wanna switch LOL)

I found this article online it is awesome... check it out!!

It convinced me to at least try it out.. I was going to attempt to add it to my weight watchers.

Here is what it says on the back of the book about the over all idea of the different types of blood!

Blood Type O

~eat meat (high protein, low carbs)
~Cut out wheat and most grains
~Engage in vigorous aerobic exercise
~ Risk factors- Ulcers, inflammatory disease

Blood Type A

~Should be a vegetarian (high carbs, low fat)
~Gentle exercise like yoga, golf
~ Meditate to deal with stress
~Risk factors- cancer, heart disease

Blood Type B

~Should have a varied diet, you do well with dairy
~Exercise like moderate swimming or walking
~Risk factors- slow-growing viruses that attack the nervous system

Blood Type AB

~You have the most of the benefits and intolerances of A & B
~Calming exercises and relaxation techniques
~ You have the friendliest immune system of all types

Friday, August 31, 2007


I am still loving this diet... though I have somehow fallen off the scale, which is a good thing!
I forge to weight myself!
I have heard and read that it is not good to weigh yourself every day... so I guess it is good that I have no brain! LOL... I cant not seem to remember to get on the scale in the morning before I eat or drink anything!

I have stuck 100% to this diet... plus my work out, plus I have enrolled my son in a gym class and I am sure chasing a toddler around counts for something!

I will be posting a weigh in next Tuesday.. PROMISE!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Week DONE!

Today marks my 1 week of weight watchers!
I am so excited to say I lost 6lbs my first week!

Now if I could only loose 6lbs every week for the next month then I would be back to my Wedding weight!

fingers crossed on that one!

I know it will even out sooner then later and my body will get use to this change.

I am still loving this diet though!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weight Watchers Day # 5

I LOVE this diet!
I feel like I am on a roll... I am doing great with my points!
I am never hungry, my meals are healthy and filling but Yummy!

The weight watchers online membership is so great... they have a database full of great meals to cook and then a database to find out points on things you wanna eat! For fun I looked up some things I know are full of fat... and I found a few things that are so high on the point system that I would only be able to eat one thing... like a sausage breakfast bisquit from McDonald's. Holy Cow... FATTENING STUFF!

I have found that I have a new addiction to grape tomatoes!
They are so good with Feta Cheese!

Anyone else doing this, you have any yummy recipes or favorite things to eat?
Do share!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weight Watchers

I started today!
I am pretty excited about Weight Watchers, I have heard numerous amazing weight loss stories!

I have a great girlfriend of mine helping me along... I am not sure I would have been so excited without her support and encouragement!
My weigh in day is on Monday's so I will let you know how much weight I loose this first week!
I have 24 points a day plus 35 flex(anytime) points...I think I will just use my extra points in an emergency situation. Other then that I am going to try and stick to my 24 pts.

It does cost money to be a weight watchers member... I did the 3 months and found a 25% off coupon online! So, if you think about joining or checking it out... google search Weight Watchers Coupon.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I Need Some...

I have no idea what my problem is!
I look in the mirror and see this body that is NOT mine... well it is but it is a little larger then anything I want to see! I have every intention on working on being thin again, dieting, I work out ALL THE TIME.
But, then the day starts and I loose all the confidence I have in being able to do it.
I have the " I'll start the BIG diet tomorrow" attitude
It is ALWAYS tomorrow!
This is NOT my personality...
BT (Before Travis) I was one of those people that if I wanted to loose 5 lbs, I would DO it immediately!
Now, I cant seem to get in the groove!
I NEED motivation!
I know what I can do to loose weight, but I just am not willing to give up my yummy food.
I get so disappointed because I will loose weight on a diet and then slip and eat french fries and then I will be stuck on eating bad again and then waste all that hard work on working so hard to loose the weight!
ANYONE have advice!?!
I need it!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stroller fit challenge!

Challenge #10

Exercise: Do you ever wonder how far you actually jog or walk during your workout? Do you ever wonder how far you walk during the day?

If you want to know the TRUTH a great piece of equipment is a pedometer. It is useful, inexpensive and is a great tool to use to see how much you are actually moving through out the day! OR another great piece of equipment that I am in love with now is the Strollometer! Not only does it tell you how far you have gone, it tells you how hot, how cold, AND gives you your mph just like a treadmill! It is so cool!! I highly recommend it for tracking your workouts!

Your Goal should be 10,000 Steps a day!

Nutrition: Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a prince, and Dinner like a pauper! So breakfast can be tough….The point is your body NEEDS the energy in the morning more than the evening. Eat big in the morning, Eat a medium sized lunch, and eat a very small portion at dinner. If you have trouble eating breakfast…TRY THIS. Eat a small dinner, stop eating 2-3 hours before bed and I betcha you will be Ready for Breakfast after a few days!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Stroller fit challenge!

Challenge #9

Exercise: Pump up those evening walks 3 times a week by doing intervals. If you are a walker (Medium paced walk 1 minute then fast walk 2 minutes) If you are a runner (jog for 2 minutes and then run 1 minute, back to a jog then sprint 20 seconds) You get the idea! J The goal is rather than having to workout longer, you just workout harder!

Nutrition: Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day AND since we all exercise we should be drinking more!

Tip: Beware of the elastic waist band. J I love to wear my comfy workout clothes all day, but to get a REAL picture of your progress choose a piece of clothing that is less forgiving!!

Have a healthy day!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Eating Healthy!

Well, I knew this day would come... I got totally burnt out with the calorie counting and totally fell out of my routine eating "right"!
I have this problem with longevity of diets... i get bored, annoyed and just totally fall off the diet wagon. Totally may be the fact that you have to work harder to diet then just eat whatever... well duh? right? I just get sick of eating the same stuff all the time!

I have a new idea I am gonna try!
I have been slacking on my strollerfit challenges due to my darn tail bone and traveling, so I am gonna whip back into shape starting NOW!

Here is my new attempt!
I am going to still watch what I eat, not to over eat, not to drink calories
(I do love special drinks and WINE....)
I am going to limit my wine and margarita consumption to one day a weekend... have 1 diet soda a day (it take the place of coffee for me!) and at dinner time eat early with NO carbs!
I am gonna try and drink more water then I normally do... and I am a great water drinker, but I think part of the time when I feel hungry and i am just needing something to drink.
Gavin is gonna attempt to follow these guidelines also!
I am hoping this will help me with the weight loss but also help me to NOT get annoyed with a "diet".
I am going to also up my cardio everyday ... either with a longer walk, a run, or some taebo!
I feel Like I am a really buff chick stuck under a layer of fat!
I HATE that layer of FAT!

Stroller fit challenge!

Challenge #8

Since you are getting the hang of all the challenges, I will begin sending them out more frequently. 2 weeks to go!!!!!

Exercise Challenge: Add one more evening walk during the week (3 total) and 4 (30 second planks) while watching TV. Work your way up to 4 (one minute planks)

Nutrition Challenge: Eat don’t drink your calories. Be careful of the drinks you consume. Coffee drinks, smoothies, and alcoholic beverages, while delicious are full of CALORIES! Find a slimmer version OR limit them.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Stroller fit challenge!

Challenge #8

Exercise: Park and Walk – When it is safe to do so, Park away from your destination and Walk!

Nutrition: Eat every 2-3 hours. Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, Dinner! Don’t forget to stop eating 2-3 hours before bed!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stroller fit challenge!

Challenge #7

Exercise Challenge: Walk and Talk….Talk and Walk! Take advantage of times you are the telephone to walk around your house. You can add lots of steps and burn lots of “extra” calories by moving while you are on the telephone.

Nutrition Challenge: Stop eating 2-3 hours before you go to bed. Reach for a sip of water, take a shower, take a walk instead of munching on food in the evening.

Have a Healthy Day!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I'm a slacker!

Sorry I have been slow on posting challenges...
here are the 3 I have missed adding

challenge # 4

Exercise Challenge: Add one 20 minute evening walk to your routine, or for an extra calorie burn, come try a StrollerFit evening class.

Nutrition Challenge: Calories count! Track what you eat by using a FREE resource such as or (thank you Lindsay). Once you get the hang of these sights, entering your info can be fun and informative.

challenge #5

Exercise Challenge: Record your workouts…You will receive a calendar in class to help you do this! As I always say consistency is key…we always think we exercise more than we actually do. This calendar will give you a visual picture of what you are doing!! It may be simple, but it works.

Nutrition Challenge: Stop eating after your child & I don’t mean baby food. J Remember: a handful of goldfish, the rest of a sandwich, a few fruit snacks etc = a lot of unnecessary calories. A bit here a bit there and you have just added an extra 200-500 calories to your day without even knowing it.

Challenge #6

Exercise Challenge: Add an extra 20 minute walk in the evening. You should now be doing two 20 minute walks per week OR come and try an evening StrollerFit class for an extra calorie burn! Add 50 Crunches before breakfast!

Nutrition Challenge: Sit down at a table and eat. As busy moms, we multi-task, eat standing up and an hour later, forget when have even eaten…sound familiar?? Absolutely do NOT eat in your car!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stroller fit challenge!

Challenge #3

Exercise Challenge: 25 crunches before the 1st diaper change!! If you are a new c-section mom or pregnant do 10 core stabilization exercises.

Nutrition Challenge: Plan and write down your meals for the entire week…breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make a grocery list and stick to it.

Again…inch by inch it’s a cinch. It is the small, consistent changes that make the difference!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stroller fit challenge!

Total Body Challenge #2

Exercise Challenge: Consistency is the Key! If you would like to make a total body transformation you need to commit to attending StrollerFit at least 3X per week on a Consistent Basis!! Schedule class just like you would your child’s doctor’s appointment. You wouldn’t miss their check-up…don’t miss your workout!!

Nutrition Challenge: Write down EVERYTHING you eat for the next 3 Days!!

Have a Healthy Day!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Stroller fit challenge!

Today is Day 1 of the 6 week total body challenge with strollerfit!
I am so in this competition!!!!!

Challenge #1

(from my instructor)

Goal Setting-

  1. “Ink it don’t think it.” When setting goals – Write them down! This increases the likelihood of making your goals a reality. This is your MAP! Post your goals everywhere…carry them with you and look at them often!
  2. Set a deadline –In other words, when will you reach your goals? The total body challenge has taken care of this for you! June 30th is your deadline for these goals!
  3. Goals must be measurable and specific- Here is an example: By June 30th, I will lose 10 lbs. In order to reach this goal I will 1. Attend 3 StrollerFit classes per week 2. Follow a proven eating plan such as WW, South Beach etc, 3. I will stop eating 2-3 hours before bedtime 4. I will walk 10,000 steps per day.

We set goals today... I usually set goals that are way too high to accomplish, but not this time!


1. loose 10 lbs (in the 6 weeks)
2. Run 3 times a week outside of Strollerfit
3. Attend 5 or more classes a week (usually do, but I wanted to write it down!)

I am still going to count calories!!!!

Keep checking back for my progress!!!!
I hope I make you all proud!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day 23

Today was good, we had a great workout at strollerfit... got our measurements for this upcoming contest we are having.
Full body contest to see who can meet their goals in 6 week!(i think )
I am so in this competition... I plan on kicking booty!
I will post more about it incase any of my readers would like to participate as well!

Calories In: 1,256
Calories Out: 458
total for today: 758


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day 22

Big Day!
I ate a ton of stuff....
Today was Stroller Fits 1 Year anniversary and they had some cookies and junk.... I ate a itty bitty bit
then my friend Greg came over and cooked dinner tonight... YUMMMMMM
well worth the calories!

Results for today!
Calories in: 1,433
Calories out: 464
Total: 969

Not to bad after a weekend of freedom!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Day 19-21

I took a few days off... for mother's day!
I will be back tomorrow!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 17 & 18

Day 17

Not to shabby!
Calories in :1350
Calories out: 450

total: 900
More then normal, but I was HUNGRY today!

Day 18

calories in: 1055
calories out: 564
results: 491

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Day 16

Just call me A pig today!

I ate A HUGE yummy piece of STEAK!
and Veggies COVERED in cheese!


Calories in: 1222
Calories out: 354
Total: 868

Monday, May 7, 2007

day 15

2 weeks up!
I am 11 lbs down!
Feeling good!
Wearing a size smaller!

Todays results:

Calories In: 1017
Calories worked out: 454
total: 563
(plus a few home-made ritas!)


Sunday, May 6, 2007

Day 13 & 14

I didn't do so well this weekend....
My mom is staying with us foe a few days because she is getting her hardwoods done and Gavin just got home from a 2 week trip so he was already to eat and eat and eat!
I managed to not eat like a pig, but I can for sure tell I ate more then I have been!

Back to work tomorrow!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Day 12

Today was fun!
A friend of mine, Melissa came to stroller fit with my bf , Michelle and I! She liked it, her babe is only 8 weeks old, so we were REALLY proud of her!
We worked out pretty hard today, but not as much cardio as we normally do...
we did more resistance arm work.

Results for Day 12
calories in:1001
Calories out: 347
total: 654

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Day 10 & 11

Woohooo, with all the ikky storms here in Texas... I lost all my info from my yesterdays calorie counting....
I did do great and I did work out and it was a good day... but no results to share!

Today... was another great day. I missed strollerfit to go to the Dr and get some blood work done! Not a big fan of needles but I managed! It was a great thing to see the weight loss on the Dr's scale... since it is the one I prefer to avoid at all costs! He was praising me on a job well done!

Calories in: 950
Calories worked out: 0

Good day!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

day 9

YAY! We finally made it back to strollerfit!
I was dragging though since I have not been in a few days...but I did manage to work off 394 calories! GO ME!
I keep thinking that the heart rate watch has to be off a little, I think the workouts are way harder then 400ish calories... who know?

Does anyone know how accurate the heart rate watches are?

Todays Results:

Calories In: 1023
Calories Out: 394

total for the day: 629


Monday, April 30, 2007

day 8

8 lbs lighter!

Today was another bad workout day!
Travis woke up at 430 screaming from teething pain and went back down at 615ish and i went back to sleep too... He didnt get back up till about 940. So, we missed it again!

Calories in: 1150
calories out: 0


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day 7

My aunt & her husband were here this weekend so Trav and I went over to my parents house or breakfast..... I did good and only ate eggs a piece of sausage and 2 pieces of bacon...!
Not too shabby

I am so ready to go back to strollerfit tomorrow... I always have so much less energy when I don't work out.

Results for today:
Calories in :1107
Calories burned... who know! :-)

Tomorrow will be better!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day 6

Saturday's are alwys hard to stay on a diet for me... I guess its the weekend deal!
I did good though...
Trav and i missed workout again this morning, I am use to him waking me up around730 but this morning he slept until 845 WOW and that is 5 minutes later then we usually leave to head to strollerfit...
So, we skipped today and went shopping at Old Navy!
I was kinda nervous about attempting to fit into a smaller size pants, but I did!
YAY for me!
I have also lost 6 pounds this week just watching calories and working out... that is great news!

My Aunt and her husband came down from Arkansas and it was great to see her and for her to notice that I have lost weight since her last visit.... I It always is so exciting when someone tells you that you looks a little smaller. At this point, I am the size I was before I got pregnant... but I want to be my wedding size! My try and look at some pictures of me at that time in my life as an incentive to keep working hard at it!

Todays Results
Calories in: 1104
calories out: none today

Not to shabby for a weekend day!

Day Five!

Well, it happened! I think the diet finally got to my body!
I got up this morning feeling great and ate the same breakfast I have been eating all week, but took a multi-vitamin with it....
T and I got ready and drove to stroller fit and i I got really sick, nauseous, dizzy and faint feeling.
I want to blame the vitamins, but who knows!

So, we left stroller fit and went and got a fruit smoothie, thinking a boost to my blood sugar would make me feel better... well, I am sure it would have but my son decided he wanted to throw a huge fit over the drink and so I shared with him and he drank 3/4 of ot and when I would try and take a sip he would flip... so it went in the trash!

I tried my hardest to do good on my diet and really did very well until this evening when I went to a birthday part for a girlfriend.
I had a few glasses of wine, and even made spritzers to make sure the calories were less... I mixed diet 7-up and wine... it was yummy!

So, I have no real results for yah.... but Before the wine I was at 1037 calories eaten
so, I would say this was my first slip up! I have done so well this week, I am sure it will be ok!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Today was great!
We worked out outside at strollerfit and T loves being outside!
Plus he is pretty adorable when he has sunscreen all over his head, it makes his hair stick up like a little mohawk!

Results for Day 4:

calories eaten: 1043
calories burned : 437

total: 606

great thing is... I have not been hungry at all today!
so when will this weight fall off???

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Support Me!

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This will also be added to my sidebar if you wold like to come back by and help another time!

Day 3

Day 3... today was all messed up!
T and I had a bad night... read about it HERE
Because I was up all night I didn't go work out this morning... should have tried a bit harder, but we were both back to sleep by 745 this morning so.... sleeping was just was better then working out after about 1 1/2 hours of sleep!

I have tried my hardest to really be overly careful about what I have been eating today so I can stay with the progress I have already made!

My results:

Calories I ate: 1012
Calories Burned: 0


Not too shabby!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day Two!

Wow, today was a little harder...
I think it was mostly because Travis and I were stuck in the house because North Central Texas was pounded with storms and of course I did not want to get my little man out on that nastiness!
I managed to hang on to my calorie counting... but had to drink TONS of extra water to keep myself from grabbing some snacks that I didn't need!

Here is how I did today!

Calories I ate: 1375
Calories I burned working out:: 422

Total for the day: 953


Monday, April 23, 2007

Day One!

End of Day 1!

Today was good, hard and I am hungry,
But, I did great!

I went to stroller fit this morning and used my new watch to add the calories from that workout...
If goes by your heart rate, so numerous times throughout the workout I took my heart rate and the ending total was 408 calories burned.

I also paid very close attention to the food I was eating, trying my hardest to stay under 1500 calories.

So here are my results:

Calories I ate= 1320
Calories I burned working out= 408

Total: 912 for the day

I rocked it out!

Start Day

Good Morning!
I am so excited to start my little venture today!
Besides my late night last night, I woke up perky and ready to go!!!! YAY!
I am using to keep track of the calories I eat and t this morning I was adding my apple that I had for breakfast and started looking around at the other things you can add.... like occupation and activities. Under activities there was an option for "sexual activities".
Because I found this so interesting I am gonna share with you guys....

This is straight from the site:
vigorous is 134 calories / hour
moderate is 116/ hour
passive is 89/ hour

I had to share... it cracked me up!
I will post later today with my progress!
calories, health nutt, days

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gettin' Ready!

This weekend was great....
I through a baby shower for one of my bestest friends ever!
We had a a GREAT TIME!
So, I ate a ton of crap food, not really... but not as good as I could have done!~
Last time..... well hopefully! I did work on the veggie tray for half of my lunch!
I actually had Monday in my head all day so I am sure it had a ton to do with the fact that I did not eat as bad as I would have... Don't wanna put my body in a non-sugar shock, LOL! ( is that possible?)
Now that my healthy start date is coming up really soon I have tried to put my thoughts together with my plan of action!

~My Plan~

A few of my thoughts for Monday will be to eat slower and drink more water... right now I think those are 2 of my biggest problems. For a ton of parents out there, you know that eating at all is really not on your schedule after kiddos come around, you just fit it in when you can!
I am going to try and just count calories, not take things out of my diet and re-add them later like the South beach diet, because obviously that didn't work to well for me!

This will be step one, I want to see how I do with the counting calories, working out, eating slower and drinking more water.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Accepting the challenge!

I have a few people accepted my challenge to become a health nutt with me!
I am adding you all to my sidebar!
If you want a little blog like this one... something similar let me know!
So, you can journal about your quest also!

Let me know if you are up for it!!!!!
You don't have to have the same start date as me..... so just post yours!

We are gonna rock this out !!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Hey Everyone....
Welcome to my new blog... YES another one! (thanks Rach!)
For the last almost 14 months... even longer then that, I have been 100% occupied on taking all time time and energy in caring for my little man. In the meantime I have forgotten all about me!
After talking to my mom about this she mentioned the power of positive thinking....
Speaking your wants out loud you will most of the time get what you want... example:
I wanted a new car really bad because my jeep was a POS, I kept making a point of talking about it, researching and I made it happen! I got my 4 Runner at the end of last week .. Before G and I got married I wanted a house, I was sick of apartment living... I kept talking about it, researching, driving around and looking for houses... and got one!
Seems to be a pattern to this.... making it known will usually get you what you want.

So here I am making this known!

Once upon a time in my life (around when I got married a little before and after)
I was super healthy... thin, strong and centered.
I want to be there again!
I want to be that girl that everyone says... "Man, I want to be healthy like her!"
I may not ever be able to fit in my old clothes (babies do that to ya) but I am determined to try!

I am on my way...
I work out 6 days a week in strollerfit!
I love every second of it... and have really found a way to enjoy working out again!

The way I work is... I have to give myself a date to start something, so I have it working in my brain and can pump myself up for success!

My Date to start my new quest to become healthy is:
Monday, April 23rd

I challenge anyone to do this with me!