Sunday, June 17, 2007

Eating Healthy!

Well, I knew this day would come... I got totally burnt out with the calorie counting and totally fell out of my routine eating "right"!
I have this problem with longevity of diets... i get bored, annoyed and just totally fall off the diet wagon. Totally may be the fact that you have to work harder to diet then just eat whatever... well duh? right? I just get sick of eating the same stuff all the time!

I have a new idea I am gonna try!
I have been slacking on my strollerfit challenges due to my darn tail bone and traveling, so I am gonna whip back into shape starting NOW!

Here is my new attempt!
I am going to still watch what I eat, not to over eat, not to drink calories
(I do love special drinks and WINE....)
I am going to limit my wine and margarita consumption to one day a weekend... have 1 diet soda a day (it take the place of coffee for me!) and at dinner time eat early with NO carbs!
I am gonna try and drink more water then I normally do... and I am a great water drinker, but I think part of the time when I feel hungry and i am just needing something to drink.
Gavin is gonna attempt to follow these guidelines also!
I am hoping this will help me with the weight loss but also help me to NOT get annoyed with a "diet".
I am going to also up my cardio everyday ... either with a longer walk, a run, or some taebo!
I feel Like I am a really buff chick stuck under a layer of fat!
I HATE that layer of FAT!


Lisa said...

Lindz, you sound like me. I feel like I want to lose some weight and I eat okay and exercise some, but for sure can't stick with it. This morning I was thinking this very thing and wanted to get my butt back in shape! So I've also committed myself to eating better and working out more (which is my main problem). Anyway, good luck.

Oh and you are already looking really good!! Have you thought about doing the gym thing with Michelle? I wish I lived closer to you girls and I would so be in! Hope these guidelines help you get to where you want to be!! love you!!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I do that too. This time, I am trying to do this by sharing it with my best friend over at: Maybe that will help!

L-Girl said...


It took me way too long to catch up on this blog, but I am now! I get the same way. I'm starting back into phase 1 of Southbeach. I have lost 33 pounds the first round and have been maintaining that since February, and now I'm finally ready to do it again. I have never been successful with a second go at the same diet, as you have said you did too, so I'm hoping it will work! You are still an inspiration to me to continue in the quest for health!