Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I'm a slacker!

Sorry I have been slow on posting challenges...
here are the 3 I have missed adding

challenge # 4

Exercise Challenge: Add one 20 minute evening walk to your routine, or for an extra calorie burn, come try a StrollerFit evening class.

Nutrition Challenge: Calories count! Track what you eat by using a FREE resource such as or (thank you Lindsay). Once you get the hang of these sights, entering your info can be fun and informative.

challenge #5

Exercise Challenge: Record your workouts…You will receive a calendar in class to help you do this! As I always say consistency is key…we always think we exercise more than we actually do. This calendar will give you a visual picture of what you are doing!! It may be simple, but it works.

Nutrition Challenge: Stop eating after your child & I don’t mean baby food. J Remember: a handful of goldfish, the rest of a sandwich, a few fruit snacks etc = a lot of unnecessary calories. A bit here a bit there and you have just added an extra 200-500 calories to your day without even knowing it.

Challenge #6

Exercise Challenge: Add an extra 20 minute walk in the evening. You should now be doing two 20 minute walks per week OR come and try an evening StrollerFit class for an extra calorie burn! Add 50 Crunches before breakfast!

Nutrition Challenge: Sit down at a table and eat. As busy moms, we multi-task, eat standing up and an hour later, forget when have even eaten…sound familiar?? Absolutely do NOT eat in your car!!

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Chelsey said...

I want to bookmark the page so I can return here from you that you have done a fantastic job.