Monday, April 30, 2007

day 8

8 lbs lighter!

Today was another bad workout day!
Travis woke up at 430 screaming from teething pain and went back down at 615ish and i went back to sleep too... He didnt get back up till about 940. So, we missed it again!

Calories in: 1150
calories out: 0


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day 7

My aunt & her husband were here this weekend so Trav and I went over to my parents house or breakfast..... I did good and only ate eggs a piece of sausage and 2 pieces of bacon...!
Not too shabby

I am so ready to go back to strollerfit tomorrow... I always have so much less energy when I don't work out.

Results for today:
Calories in :1107
Calories burned... who know! :-)

Tomorrow will be better!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day 6

Saturday's are alwys hard to stay on a diet for me... I guess its the weekend deal!
I did good though...
Trav and i missed workout again this morning, I am use to him waking me up around730 but this morning he slept until 845 WOW and that is 5 minutes later then we usually leave to head to strollerfit...
So, we skipped today and went shopping at Old Navy!
I was kinda nervous about attempting to fit into a smaller size pants, but I did!
YAY for me!
I have also lost 6 pounds this week just watching calories and working out... that is great news!

My Aunt and her husband came down from Arkansas and it was great to see her and for her to notice that I have lost weight since her last visit.... I It always is so exciting when someone tells you that you looks a little smaller. At this point, I am the size I was before I got pregnant... but I want to be my wedding size! My try and look at some pictures of me at that time in my life as an incentive to keep working hard at it!

Todays Results
Calories in: 1104
calories out: none today

Not to shabby for a weekend day!

Day Five!

Well, it happened! I think the diet finally got to my body!
I got up this morning feeling great and ate the same breakfast I have been eating all week, but took a multi-vitamin with it....
T and I got ready and drove to stroller fit and i I got really sick, nauseous, dizzy and faint feeling.
I want to blame the vitamins, but who knows!

So, we left stroller fit and went and got a fruit smoothie, thinking a boost to my blood sugar would make me feel better... well, I am sure it would have but my son decided he wanted to throw a huge fit over the drink and so I shared with him and he drank 3/4 of ot and when I would try and take a sip he would flip... so it went in the trash!

I tried my hardest to do good on my diet and really did very well until this evening when I went to a birthday part for a girlfriend.
I had a few glasses of wine, and even made spritzers to make sure the calories were less... I mixed diet 7-up and wine... it was yummy!

So, I have no real results for yah.... but Before the wine I was at 1037 calories eaten
so, I would say this was my first slip up! I have done so well this week, I am sure it will be ok!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Today was great!
We worked out outside at strollerfit and T loves being outside!
Plus he is pretty adorable when he has sunscreen all over his head, it makes his hair stick up like a little mohawk!

Results for Day 4:

calories eaten: 1043
calories burned : 437

total: 606

great thing is... I have not been hungry at all today!
so when will this weight fall off???

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Support Me!

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This will also be added to my sidebar if you wold like to come back by and help another time!

Day 3

Day 3... today was all messed up!
T and I had a bad night... read about it HERE
Because I was up all night I didn't go work out this morning... should have tried a bit harder, but we were both back to sleep by 745 this morning so.... sleeping was just was better then working out after about 1 1/2 hours of sleep!

I have tried my hardest to really be overly careful about what I have been eating today so I can stay with the progress I have already made!

My results:

Calories I ate: 1012
Calories Burned: 0


Not too shabby!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day Two!

Wow, today was a little harder...
I think it was mostly because Travis and I were stuck in the house because North Central Texas was pounded with storms and of course I did not want to get my little man out on that nastiness!
I managed to hang on to my calorie counting... but had to drink TONS of extra water to keep myself from grabbing some snacks that I didn't need!

Here is how I did today!

Calories I ate: 1375
Calories I burned working out:: 422

Total for the day: 953


Monday, April 23, 2007

Day One!

End of Day 1!

Today was good, hard and I am hungry,
But, I did great!

I went to stroller fit this morning and used my new watch to add the calories from that workout...
If goes by your heart rate, so numerous times throughout the workout I took my heart rate and the ending total was 408 calories burned.

I also paid very close attention to the food I was eating, trying my hardest to stay under 1500 calories.

So here are my results:

Calories I ate= 1320
Calories I burned working out= 408

Total: 912 for the day

I rocked it out!

Start Day

Good Morning!
I am so excited to start my little venture today!
Besides my late night last night, I woke up perky and ready to go!!!! YAY!
I am using to keep track of the calories I eat and t this morning I was adding my apple that I had for breakfast and started looking around at the other things you can add.... like occupation and activities. Under activities there was an option for "sexual activities".
Because I found this so interesting I am gonna share with you guys....

This is straight from the site:
vigorous is 134 calories / hour
moderate is 116/ hour
passive is 89/ hour

I had to share... it cracked me up!
I will post later today with my progress!
calories, health nutt, days

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gettin' Ready!

This weekend was great....
I through a baby shower for one of my bestest friends ever!
We had a a GREAT TIME!
So, I ate a ton of crap food, not really... but not as good as I could have done!~
Last time..... well hopefully! I did work on the veggie tray for half of my lunch!
I actually had Monday in my head all day so I am sure it had a ton to do with the fact that I did not eat as bad as I would have... Don't wanna put my body in a non-sugar shock, LOL! ( is that possible?)
Now that my healthy start date is coming up really soon I have tried to put my thoughts together with my plan of action!

~My Plan~

A few of my thoughts for Monday will be to eat slower and drink more water... right now I think those are 2 of my biggest problems. For a ton of parents out there, you know that eating at all is really not on your schedule after kiddos come around, you just fit it in when you can!
I am going to try and just count calories, not take things out of my diet and re-add them later like the South beach diet, because obviously that didn't work to well for me!

This will be step one, I want to see how I do with the counting calories, working out, eating slower and drinking more water.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Accepting the challenge!

I have a few people accepted my challenge to become a health nutt with me!
I am adding you all to my sidebar!
If you want a little blog like this one... something similar let me know!
So, you can journal about your quest also!

Let me know if you are up for it!!!!!
You don't have to have the same start date as me..... so just post yours!

We are gonna rock this out !!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Hey Everyone....
Welcome to my new blog... YES another one! (thanks Rach!)
For the last almost 14 months... even longer then that, I have been 100% occupied on taking all time time and energy in caring for my little man. In the meantime I have forgotten all about me!
After talking to my mom about this she mentioned the power of positive thinking....
Speaking your wants out loud you will most of the time get what you want... example:
I wanted a new car really bad because my jeep was a POS, I kept making a point of talking about it, researching and I made it happen! I got my 4 Runner at the end of last week .. Before G and I got married I wanted a house, I was sick of apartment living... I kept talking about it, researching, driving around and looking for houses... and got one!
Seems to be a pattern to this.... making it known will usually get you what you want.

So here I am making this known!

Once upon a time in my life (around when I got married a little before and after)
I was super healthy... thin, strong and centered.
I want to be there again!
I want to be that girl that everyone says... "Man, I want to be healthy like her!"
I may not ever be able to fit in my old clothes (babies do that to ya) but I am determined to try!

I am on my way...
I work out 6 days a week in strollerfit!
I love every second of it... and have really found a way to enjoy working out again!

The way I work is... I have to give myself a date to start something, so I have it working in my brain and can pump myself up for success!

My Date to start my new quest to become healthy is:
Monday, April 23rd

I challenge anyone to do this with me!