Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gettin' Ready!

This weekend was great....
I through a baby shower for one of my bestest friends ever!
We had a a GREAT TIME!
So, I ate a ton of crap food, not really... but not as good as I could have done!~
Last time..... well hopefully! I did work on the veggie tray for half of my lunch!
I actually had Monday in my head all day so I am sure it had a ton to do with the fact that I did not eat as bad as I would have... Don't wanna put my body in a non-sugar shock, LOL! ( is that possible?)
Now that my healthy start date is coming up really soon I have tried to put my thoughts together with my plan of action!

~My Plan~

A few of my thoughts for Monday will be to eat slower and drink more water... right now I think those are 2 of my biggest problems. For a ton of parents out there, you know that eating at all is really not on your schedule after kiddos come around, you just fit it in when you can!
I am going to try and just count calories, not take things out of my diet and re-add them later like the South beach diet, because obviously that didn't work to well for me!

This will be step one, I want to see how I do with the counting calories, working out, eating slower and drinking more water.

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