Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day Five!

Well, it happened! I think the diet finally got to my body!
I got up this morning feeling great and ate the same breakfast I have been eating all week, but took a multi-vitamin with it....
T and I got ready and drove to stroller fit and i I got really sick, nauseous, dizzy and faint feeling.
I want to blame the vitamins, but who knows!

So, we left stroller fit and went and got a fruit smoothie, thinking a boost to my blood sugar would make me feel better... well, I am sure it would have but my son decided he wanted to throw a huge fit over the drink and so I shared with him and he drank 3/4 of ot and when I would try and take a sip he would flip... so it went in the trash!

I tried my hardest to do good on my diet and really did very well until this evening when I went to a birthday part for a girlfriend.
I had a few glasses of wine, and even made spritzers to make sure the calories were less... I mixed diet 7-up and wine... it was yummy!

So, I have no real results for yah.... but Before the wine I was at 1037 calories eaten
so, I would say this was my first slip up! I have done so well this week, I am sure it will be ok!

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Rapunzel said...

I always get nauseaus when I take vitamins, maybe try taking them before bed, seems to help me! :)