Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day 6

Saturday's are alwys hard to stay on a diet for me... I guess its the weekend deal!
I did good though...
Trav and i missed workout again this morning, I am use to him waking me up around730 but this morning he slept until 845 WOW and that is 5 minutes later then we usually leave to head to strollerfit...
So, we skipped today and went shopping at Old Navy!
I was kinda nervous about attempting to fit into a smaller size pants, but I did!
YAY for me!
I have also lost 6 pounds this week just watching calories and working out... that is great news!

My Aunt and her husband came down from Arkansas and it was great to see her and for her to notice that I have lost weight since her last visit.... I It always is so exciting when someone tells you that you looks a little smaller. At this point, I am the size I was before I got pregnant... but I want to be my wedding size! My try and look at some pictures of me at that time in my life as an incentive to keep working hard at it!

Todays Results
Calories in: 1104
calories out: none today

Not to shabby for a weekend day!

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