Monday, April 23, 2007

Day One!

End of Day 1!

Today was good, hard and I am hungry,
But, I did great!

I went to stroller fit this morning and used my new watch to add the calories from that workout...
If goes by your heart rate, so numerous times throughout the workout I took my heart rate and the ending total was 408 calories burned.

I also paid very close attention to the food I was eating, trying my hardest to stay under 1500 calories.

So here are my results:

Calories I ate= 1320
Calories I burned working out= 408

Total: 912 for the day

I rocked it out!


Toni said...

912? For the day? I would be starving! Treat yourself with an apple!

Good job!

Tasha said...

Thats awesome Lindz, keep it up.

miles said...

Wow great job! I broke down and got the nutrisystem and lost 6lbs for 7 days on it!