Monday, April 23, 2007

Start Day

Good Morning!
I am so excited to start my little venture today!
Besides my late night last night, I woke up perky and ready to go!!!! YAY!
I am using to keep track of the calories I eat and t this morning I was adding my apple that I had for breakfast and started looking around at the other things you can add.... like occupation and activities. Under activities there was an option for "sexual activities".
Because I found this so interesting I am gonna share with you guys....

This is straight from the site:
vigorous is 134 calories / hour
moderate is 116/ hour
passive is 89/ hour

I had to share... it cracked me up!
I will post later today with my progress!
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Twisted Cinderella said...

What a riot! Now there is a fun way to burn calories!

Tasha said...

Good Luck!

Nick said...

Wait, you're going to post about your sexual activity? I thought this site was about exercising???

btw - I love that site, but I hate what it tells me...

Toni said...

Great- another reason for the Hubs to convince me to put out! Daily!