Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Hey Everyone....
Welcome to my new blog... YES another one! (thanks Rach!)
For the last almost 14 months... even longer then that, I have been 100% occupied on taking all time time and energy in caring for my little man. In the meantime I have forgotten all about me!
After talking to my mom about this she mentioned the power of positive thinking....
Speaking your wants out loud you will most of the time get what you want... example:
I wanted a new car really bad because my jeep was a POS, I kept making a point of talking about it, researching and I made it happen! I got my 4 Runner at the end of last week .. Before G and I got married I wanted a house, I was sick of apartment living... I kept talking about it, researching, driving around and looking for houses... and got one!
Seems to be a pattern to this.... making it known will usually get you what you want.

So here I am making this known!

Once upon a time in my life (around when I got married a little before and after)
I was super healthy... thin, strong and centered.
I want to be there again!
I want to be that girl that everyone says... "Man, I want to be healthy like her!"
I may not ever be able to fit in my old clothes (babies do that to ya) but I am determined to try!

I am on my way...
I work out 6 days a week in strollerfit!
I love every second of it... and have really found a way to enjoy working out again!

The way I work is... I have to give myself a date to start something, so I have it working in my brain and can pump myself up for success!

My Date to start my new quest to become healthy is:
Monday, April 23rd

I challenge anyone to do this with me!


Toni said...

Go Lindsay! Let me think about it! I made this resolution at New Years... it's April already????

Melanie said...

Looks great!

Lisa said...

I'm totally in. I really want to shed 5-10 pounds for summer :) Maybe that is wishful thinking, but maybe if I got off my butt a little more and ate a bit better (as I'm eating Eggos for breakfast...) then maybe I could make it happen.
Love the look of the new site too. Very cute!

Tasha said...

Let me just start by saying that I love you. I love you because you are not afraid to say you failed. Well maybe not fail just let things fizzle out. You have talked a couple of times about exercise programs and diests and you are really determined. I think about exercise and diets, but never get off my lazy butt to do anything about it. I.AM.IN. Except my challenge is going to start on April 30. I will be a Freshly married woman and its time to take care of myself so I will be around long enough to care for my family. I have to do it after the wedding though so I can eat some of my YUMMY cake. LOL! I will do it..maybe, at least I hope! No I don;t even want to talk like that I.WILL.DO.IT.
Thanks for the motivation Lindz!