Thursday, February 12, 2009

Im back!

Its been a rough week and a half... I have been battling getting rid of this ikky cold!
I am FINALLY better! My voice is still weird but other then that I feel better! YIPEEE!

So, Im back on the Health Wagon!

Starting it off I am posting the NEW move of the week!
Easy enough!
You and your hubs or wifey can fit this one in during an American Idol Commercial break!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Im back

We were out of town this past weekend in AR for my Grandmothers birthday...
I did NOT do well on the trip. The first day (up until dinner) I was really watching my calories like I had planned and had been doing all weekend... and at dinner my aunt ordered pizza and salads and it was all down hill. So, I took the weekend EASY but off of my diet. I did gain some weight back and did NOT feel 100% when I was eating junk but overall it gave me perspective on what NOT to eat and how much better I feel when I eat good!

Since I do NOT just want this post to be about me telling on myself I decided to add an article my friend sent me about carbs...