Monday, October 22, 2007

My new info

I went to the nutritionist the morning and learned a ton of awesome things....
First of all I have never been to anyone that has the knowledge of the correct ways to eat, so this man was incredibly interesting to me!
We went over my health and blood issues and then he pulled out a list of papers and explained a ton of things to me... He taught me the "right" way to read labels for the amount of fat... taught me all about dietary fibers, the unhealthy, neutral and healthy proteins, and all about GOOD fats!

I am going to share a bit of what I learned with you guys!

How to read a label... to find out if there is too much fat in the item you are eating.

It is called the Fat Test and this is what you do:

Total Fat... on the label it is the first thing under the calories.
this label has 2g of Fat /serving

Multiply that number by 30
this answer =60

The answer you get (60) should be equal to or less than the calories...
This item has 110 calories so we can for sure eat this product! because 60 is less than 110... make sense? If oyu want to know more about this... email me!

Dietary Fibers:

Soluble Fibers are the best ones for me and my issues! They help normalize your blood and lwer cholesterol.

They include : apples, apricots, black & blu berries, kiwi, nectarines, oranges, pears, raspberries, strawberries, oat bran, oatmeal, all bran, dried apricots, prunes, figs, beans or peas, brown rice, winter squash and yams. then these are 4 veggies that have low calories and some fiber: brocoli, carrots, spinach and brussel sprouts.

Here is a link to read about Fibers... Fiber 101 Soluble & Insoluble


He taught me that meat should not be considered "good" and "bad" that it really needs to be placed in 3 categories... dangerous, neutral and healthy.

~Dangerous proteins include: Filet's, high fat cut meats, and all fried items
~Neutral proteins include: chicken, turkey, pork, lean ground beef, (all without skin)
~Healthy proteins include: fish, shell fish, all nutt butters, and soy products.

He focused a ton on fish products...
Fish is high in omega 3 fatty acids and are awesome for a well balanced diet!

There is though a risk of getting to much mercury when eating a lot of fish so he did give me a list :
Let me share it with you!

Best choices for fish:
anchovies, mackerels (excet King), oysters (fully cooked), Salmon (farmed or wild), sardines, striped bass (farmed), sturgeon (farmed), shrimp, trout (rainbow, farmed) tuna (canned, light, yellow) and caviar.

Fish to eat 1 time a week:
herring, mahi-mahi, tuna(canned, white), crab, lobster(rock, spiny), cod (Atlantic)

Fish to eat 1 time a month:
Halibut (pacific, atlantic), pollack, bluefish, sea bass (wild), tuna (steaks), lobster (maine, northern, american), grouper, marlin, orange roughy, snapper(red)

Fish to be avoided:
Mackerel (king), sharks, swordfish, titlefish, bluefin tuna

And this is a list of alternative Omega 3 Fatty acid foods:
Egglands Best & Pilgram Pride eggs ( you can eat the yolk)
Milled Flax Seeds

Good Fats:

The good fats provide valuable vitamins and minerals!
here is a list:
almonds( 6), avocado (2 Tbsp), cashews (6 nuts) , flaxseed ( 2Tbsp milled), olives (8-10), peanuts (10 nuts), pumpkin seeds (1Tbsp), sesame seeds(1Tbsp), sunflower seeds (1Tbsp) and walnuts (4 halves)

~Healhty Oils: Canola, Olive, Peanut, Anova

~Condiments: Smart Balance (do the fat test!)

~Oils to AVOID!
Anything starting with Palm..., coconut, cotton seed, and of course hydrogenated

~Neutral Oils: Soy, rapeseed, sunflower seed ect...

So My homework was to go through this list and clean out my cabinets of food that does not fit the fat test or apply to the other lists! Then shop to fill the cabinets back up with the good stuff!
I will see him again in 2 weeks to work on the amount of food intake!

I am so optimistic right now and excited to fix my blood :)

I hope this info helped some of you guys! Thanks for the support and love!
Please email if you want to know more or have any questions!


Tyne said...

Does it also include peanut butter as a healthy protein when you talk about nut butters? My mom and I want to know :)

Andrea said...

That is so awesome. Thanks for the info!! Does he still recommend you stay on SB?? I am always interested what nutritionists say about certain diets.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Great information! thanks!

Special K ~Toni said...

Glad this was a success for you!

Chelsey said...

I want to bookmark the page so I can return here from you that you have done a fantastic job.