Sunday, August 5, 2007

I Need Some...

I have no idea what my problem is!
I look in the mirror and see this body that is NOT mine... well it is but it is a little larger then anything I want to see! I have every intention on working on being thin again, dieting, I work out ALL THE TIME.
But, then the day starts and I loose all the confidence I have in being able to do it.
I have the " I'll start the BIG diet tomorrow" attitude
It is ALWAYS tomorrow!
This is NOT my personality...
BT (Before Travis) I was one of those people that if I wanted to loose 5 lbs, I would DO it immediately!
Now, I cant seem to get in the groove!
I NEED motivation!
I know what I can do to loose weight, but I just am not willing to give up my yummy food.
I get so disappointed because I will loose weight on a diet and then slip and eat french fries and then I will be stuck on eating bad again and then waste all that hard work on working so hard to loose the weight!
ANYONE have advice!?!
I need it!


Lindsey said...

That is the hardest part....staying motivated! I do the same thing...I eat one thing that's bad, and then I think, well, I've already eaten one bad thing, what's another? And then it's all over for the day, the scale reflects it, and I'm out for a while. Is that what happens to you? I struggle so much with motivation, and the only advice I can tell you is to keep going every day with it, even if you aren't 100% motivated, just keep TRYING to make good eating choices because the motivation does come back. It might take some time, so just try to do the best you can until it does. I find that forcing myself to be motivated makes it worse, and then I eat worse. I don't know if this helps, but I sure hope it does!! I'm struggling right now with the very same thing, so I feel ya sista! Keep exercising and snack on low carb stuff if you can:)

Erin said...

I have this same problem. I want to lose weight before we start trying to have kids, and I know I can do it. I've lost 37lbs before on Weight Watchers. I guess for me it is a life style change that I want, but am not ready to strive for yet.

If you find something that works, let me know! Good luck!

Tasha said...

I have always had this problem too. This is the 1st time in my life I feel motivated to lose weight. Maybe if you know you are not alone it will be easier to get motivated. But you have to be ready...Maybe your mind is ready but your body isn't. good luck

Abby said...

What I do when I really, really need a kick-start and get re-motivated for my diet is I plan out an entire week of meals and snacks and make myself stick strictly to that meal plan (I will plan in treats every couple days that still keeps me within a good calorie window to make it realistic and give me something to look forward to). I'll lose weight that week which will remotivate me. I've found that specifically planning ahead makes it easier to stay on my plan because it takes all of the thinking out of it....I just look at my paper and it tells me what to eat when I'm hungry.

Don't get down on yourself though, Lindsay! You've got a lot on your plate at the moment. It's hard to stay focused when you're pulled in 20 different directions. Just keep going with it. It will start clicking again soon.

The Diaper Duo said...

Hey chica-

I am sooo not a health nut! I'm a freak of nature in the fact that I hate pretty much all fruit and veggies (I'm so screwed when Coop gets on solids, lol), but if you're desperate to jump start yourself, here's what I've found works for me (WARNING: not the healthiest of options, but desperate times call for desperate measures):

*eat something small in the AM to jumpstart your metabolism
*whenever you feel the urge to snack, stuff a piece of peppermint gum in your mouth and drink lots of water ... the gum will keep your mouth chewing and happy and the water will fill up your tummy
*eat one small meal for the day and make it count, if you want french fries, eat them, deprivation is the death of any diet
*if you feel your strength fading, try on those jeans again that are now too big (it's an instant Yee-ha for the self-esteem) or tug on the ones you want to get into (this will get your resolve back on track)

good luck! I need the power, too!

Chelsey said...

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