Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the Naked Truth

Well over the last few months, I have gained all the weight back that I lost previously with South Beach and all the other diets I attempted... that's where I came to the conclusion taht the word diet in my life comes hand-in-hand with the word FAIL! It sucks, oh yes it sucks big time... but atleast I have realized that not just a diet will work for me! I need a FOOD life style change! BIG TIME!
So, here is my plan... I am on my 2nd day and feel GRRRRR-EAT already!
I have been writing down EVERYTHING I eat, and I mean EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth!
Yesterday I ended the day with 1105 Calories and 45 grams of Fat.... so I think on the Calories side, I did wonderful! On the Fat gram side... even though most of the fats came from GOOD foods and good Fats... thats a pretty HIGH number, so I want to work on that!
I am eating on ly whole grains for carbs, fruits and veggies OFTEN and drinking Naked Juices...
taking vitamins and drinking TONS of water!

This is my NEW plan!
I go in on Feb 10th to get my blood work done...
(read below for those issues)
and as long as my blood is good and I am Happy and feel good,
I will be 100% content!

If you want to change your eating habits also, JOIN ME!
I will be posting recipes, hints, tips, issues ect...


Stephanie said...

Oh thank you...maybe if I read about your success, it will make me try harder! I lost 30 lbs last year with weight watchers, but gained almost 10 of them back over the last few months :(
I'm looking forward to some new recipes!
Good luck at the doctor!!

Jessica said...

Lindsay I just found this on your site- haven't been in a while- and my interest is piqued! I too feel the same way- I am going to read some more and we'll chat and discuss some ideas!!

Chelsey said...

I want to bookmark the page so I can return here from you that you have done a fantastic job.